Monday, May 9, 2016

Onion pakora / How to make pyaz bhajiya/ Pyaz ke pakode / Pyazbhajiya / How to make Onion fritters / Onion fritters / How to makeOnion pakoda

Onion pakoras are one of the most popular snacks . We do not need any special occation to make onion pakora . Onion pakoras are always perfect to go wheather guests are coming over or it is cold rainy weather. Any time and any moment you can have it.

Onion pakoras are one of the easy snacks that need only few ingredients to prepare . We often make onion pakoras at home.

You can enjoy onion pakore with your favorite chutney or a cup of tea.
If you want more pakora recipe , you can check baingan pakora recipe as well.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Karela fry sabzi / Karela or Bittergourd sabzi / How to make Karela orBittergourd sabzi

Today, I am going to share the recipe of  karela fry sabzi. Karela is also known as bittergourd in english. As the name implies ,it tastes bitter yet it is packed with many nutrients especially for diabetes. Karela has blood cleansing properties as well. There are so many people who do not like bittergourd because of its bitter taste . But we can balance its bitter taste by adding onoin , tomatoes and even some people add jaggery too.

This karela sabzi recipe is very simple and you need only few ingredients which you always have in your kitchen. I cook this sabzi every week and goes with dal-rice or roti perfectly.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Baingan pakora/ Eggplant pakoras/ How to make Baingan pakore

Hi ,I am here again with another delicious recipe. It has been raining here since two days. Due to this cold and rainy weather , I could not resist myself from making pakoras. Question is "what kind of pakore?".  There are only 3 small eggplants (baingan) in my refrigerator which are not enough for making sabzi and I chose them. So I thought , I should share this recipe .

This baingan pakora recipe is very easy and simple. You need only few ingredients and take just 20-30 mins. to cook.  Even those people who do not like eating eggplant, they should give it a try.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Raw mango chutney or sauce / Kacche aam ki chutney / How tomakeRawmango chutney

Today , I am going to share the recipe of Raw mango chutney or Kacche aam ki chutney. This mouthwatering chutney tastes amazing with rice and dal especially in summers.

There are many kinds of chutney or sauce prepared in india. People love to eat with everyday food. Our snacks like pakodas or samosas are incomplete without chutney .

I asked this reciep from my mom . She told me all the ingredients and proportions. This chutney is prepared by blending raw mango, cilantro, green chilies and mint leaves with some spices together. It comes out so delicious. So I thought , I should share my mom's chutney recipe.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Namak para/ Namak pare/ How to make Saloni / how to make Mathari

Namak pare or Saloni is very popular snack in India . This snack recipe is super simple and easy that does not require so much time.

In my native place (UP) , every small roadside sweet shop (halwayi shop) or tea stall vendors make fresh namak pare everyday for tea time.

This recipe reminds me of my childhood days . There are so many shop where they serve some kind of potato curry ( famous as dumaloo there) over these Mathari and it taste amazing. 

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